This is a distorted and exaggerated view of the city, for the game. Some of the locations never existed at the same time. All of the faces are purely fictional.

City-Wide Themes and Threats

Underground Influence

There is a huge criminal underground, centring about the Drugs Trade

Face: Leopold User/Dealer

Crumbling City

The buildings in the city are a mix of old, and hastily done and not intended to last long. The city council is a mix of inept and confused, and no progress is made. Work to improve the city fails or has trivial results.

Face: Councelor Clegg Incompetent councilor

Dangerous After Dark

The city does have a large, varied and vibrant nightlife, with a large student population making sure that the nightclubs get a lot of business. Most nights, there’s at least one stabbing, if not more. And yet, the dancing goes on, the drinking goes on, and no one seems to care except those who clean up after.
|Face: Inspecter Moroe Gene Hunt, DCI Peace on the streets

Status Quo


Poverty, unemployment, a city dominated by its student population due to the two large universities that remained after the steel industry died


The winter court (locals) feeds of this winter of a city, fight a losing battle against the white court vampires (student population) that bring new life and growth.

Maintains the status Quo Rocks the Boat
In the dark Drug Dealers, Meadowhall Police
In the know Winter Court White Court

And slap in the middle – students. Some know, some don’t. And they don’t care about the status quo, to keep it or change it. Why should they? They’re only here for 3 years.


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