A beautifully designed shopping centre, with marble floors, white walls, a ceiling painted like sky. It’s lit well, light without being glaring or dazzling, even. Right by the train line, with a station built for it, the tram line running from the city centre running right to it; with many high fashion shops and other luxury items, and even a small section by the food court for niche items, that could not support a full shop! This place is wonderful to shop in, to explore, to browse. It’s well laid out, all and all, a joy to shop in. The security is good enough that pickpocketing isn’t a big problem there, which is truly an amazement.

Except there is one small problem with the place. It’s a joy to shop in. So people do. Thousands of them. At 10 am, when the major stores open, it’s somewhat reasonable. By noon it’s busy. By late, it’s packed.

Avoid the peak times, and you might escape alive.


A wonderful place to shop, if it wasn’t all too busy

Face: The Faceless So many shoppers in such a small space.


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