The Dark City

The Gremlins

Homeless people are going missing from an industrial area of Sheffield.

Someone is leaving mysterious messages to one of the characters.

Mysterious creatures with metal teeth are attacking factories! The one thing we know is that they#re not gremlins because gremlins don’t exist.

The Ending of the Call of Set
First adventure done

Well the vampire lead the people on a merry chase through Sheffield, and was finally run to ground. At which point things were, brief.

I don’t think we’re using aspects and compels anything like as much as we’re meant to, might houserule things to make that correct, or leave things as they are.

For now at least, people seem happy with how the game is going.

Character Creation, Part 1

Character Generation

We had an interesting session of character generation, where things went not especially fast, mostly due to a lot of debate on what was interesting and not. In fact, we only got as far as setting up the city, and no actual characters got generated, that will have to be done next week.

We chose Sheffield as our start city, being a nearby city to where we live, though it very rapidly became exaggerated and different from the true city, quite apart from the supernatural elements.

While Chargen, specifically the city gen, I think everyone enjoyed debating the locations to include and the aspects and associations to go with them, so the time was well spent and useful.

All this generated city will be going into the Wiki shortly.

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